I’m Alycia. Perfectionist neat freak.

Unfortunately, nothing in life is perfect. It’s really rather messy.

For instance, my husband and I love one another to the moon and back, but marriage isn’t happily ever after. It’s hard work. Sometimes painful. Sometimes delightful.

Plus, I never lost the baby weight after birthing four children. Instead, I’ve gained a muffin top that catches crumbs when I eat. And if I pull my head back just right, I can count four chins.

To top that off, our four children each bring their own challenges to my peace-loving environment, and I will never have a clean house again. BUT I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

These are things I’ve had to learn to accept. They’re also things that have challenged who I am. I’ve had to grow … a lot.

It’s in those challenges and that growth that I’ve discovered who I was created to be:
Daughter of the King. Wife. Mother. Sister. Friend. Encourager. Author. Editor. Deep Thinker. Big Dreamer. Creator. Crafter.

I enjoy living Life. Inspired.

See, life isn’t about finding yourself. You are. Therefore, you aren’t lost.

But you may need to realize who you are:

Child of God. Son. Daughter. Created. Loved. Gifted. Blessed. Wanted. Desired. Purposed. Talented.

Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom who feels lost in the laundry piles of life.

Or a high-powered manager who feels unnoticed in the daily grind.

Maybe you’re a teen who nobody pays attention to unless the bully decides to rip your heart out.

Or maybe you’re past your prime and it seems no one thinks you have anything to offer anymore.

No matter who you are, I want to let you know that there is One who sees.
And He knows. Everything.
And He has a gift for you in Every. Single. Day.

And that’s what this blog is about.

Life. Inspired.

Living every single day inspired by the life around us.

Because we aren’t dead yet. And that means we have an abundant life to live.

Maybe you’re unsure how to find that life. This site is here to provide inspiration to do so. But you will have to take steps of faith to discover that life. Simple steps, like looking up or looking someone in the eyes. Like opening a book or turning up the radio.

In other words, Look Up & Live!

My hope for you is that you will grow through the challenges and join me in living a Life. Inspired.

In Case You Wondered…

I’m a big dreamer. I want to foster children and love them big, even if it’s only overnight. I want to adopt, because my heart breaks knowing that some children will graduate out of the foster care system, and I can’t imagine being 18 and having no one to do life with. No family to laugh, cry, eat, mourn, and celebrate with. I want to have a big house with plenty of room for visitors and a rocking chair porch for drinking sweet tea and coffee while chatting with¬† family and dear friends.

I live to write YA novels that give young adults (and young-at-heart adults) hope in a life that sometimes seems like the pit of despair. Because despite my motherly age, I can clearly remember high school. Dating. Rejection. Insecurity. Awkwardness. Trying to fit in. College.

I enjoy:

Reading romantic suspense, thrillers, fantasy, and YA. Watching movies and TV. Pinterest. Mixed Media Art. Bible Journaling. Adult Coloring. Crocheting. Making Jewelry. Steampunk. Music. All types of music. Decaf coffee. Sweet Tea. Chocolate. Pizza. Soft Tacos. Mom’s Lasagna. Hiking. Playing disc golf. Horseback Riding. Deep belly laughs and ugly cries. The sound of birds chirping in the morning and the ocean lapping at the shore. The scent of lilacs, wisteria, lily of the valley, and honeysuckle. Sitting with friends and having long conversations about life.

And living an abundant life with my husband and children. Two dogs. And one parakeet. (I’m really a cat person…)

I love finding inspiration in the world around me. People. Mountains. Oceans. Sunrises and Sunsets. There’s so much beauty in life if we lift our heads and watch for it.

And you.

You inspire me to keep writing, to keep creating. To keep imagining the possibilities. To keep dreaming the big dreams. And I thank you for that.