Speaking Topics

Speaking TopicsAlycia Morales has been teaching at writers conferences across the United States since 2013. Her passion is to encourage others to pursue their writing dreams as they pursue their careers. Below are several topics she teaches.

How to Develop Your Own Freelance Editing Business – Three-Part Continuing Class

Are you contemplating adding “freelance editor” to the list of things you do? Do you wonder if you have what it takes to be one? How do you get started? What should you expect? We will answer these questions and more throughout this class.

The Qualities and Cost of Being a Freelance Editor – Stand Alone Workshop OR Part One of Three Continuing Classes

Although a love of reading and a desire to help other writers clean up their manuscripts are great qualities to have, they aren’t the only ones necessary to become a freelance editor. In this workshop/class, we’ll take a look at ten qualities of a great freelance editor. Due to the nature of our job, these are qualities we’ll need in order to enjoy the job and encourage our clients to hire us for all their editing needs. Join us to find out what these qualities are, why freelance editors need these qualities, and how they apply to the work we do.

We’ll also take a look at ten costs to consider before deciding that freelance editing is the career for you.

90 Days in the Life of a Freelance Editor – Stand Alone Workshop OR Part Two of Three Continuing Classes

What does the life of a freelance editor look like? How long does it take to edit a manuscript? How do I relate to my client? What do I need to know before I begin a career in editing? By taking a look at 90 days in the life of a freelance editor, these and many more questions will be answered. We’ll take an in-depth look at the process of editing, from the initial client contact to editing the manuscript to following up with a client.

20 Tips to Providing Quality Customer Care – Part Three of Three Continuing Classes

 Your freelance editing business is all about communication. It’s about the author’s communication with their readers, your communication with your customer, and your customer’s communication with you. Sometimes you communicate with the publisher. How do you provide excellent communication and keep your customers coming back for more? In 20 Tips to Providing Quality Customer Care, we’ll discuss ways to handle ourselves professionally while encouraging our clients to develop the best manuscript for their readers to enjoy.

Popular : Microsoft Word for Writers – Stand Alone Workshop

In this class, writers will learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Word and Track Changes. As a freelance editor, I have often found that writers of varying levels don’t always know how to properly format a manuscript for submission and/or publication. I have also found that many don’t understand how Track Changes works.

Since we live in a digital age where manuscripts are passed back and forth via e-mail, rather than on paper, and editors tend to use Track Changes and require submissions in Word format, it is becoming more and more necessary for writers to know how to use these tools.

This class will cover the basics of formatting in Microsoft Word, how to save documents with various extensions (including PDF), and how to use Track Changes in the editing process. These are shown for both PC and Mac.

Writing YA (Young Adult) Fiction – Stand Alone Workshop

aka: Remembering What It Was Like Being a Teenager. This workshop lays out a solid foundation for developing your YA novel. I cover all the basics of plotting, character development, and setting. I ask questions that leave attendees pondering their story, and the handouts include room to write what you’re thinking so you don’t forget the ideas the material has sparked before you get back to your room.